About Competition


We have a deep passion for extra virgin olive oil. For a few years, we have been on the ground, following the developments and improvements achieved by producers in different regions of the globe, with a focus on excellence.

The BRAZIL iOOC will be a relevant gastronomic event for all international olive oil producers whose interest is in achieving high quality in their products.

Through the members of the jury and presentations from Brazilian and foreign olive oil experts, we intend to discover, reveal, and highlight the finest olive oils, guiding consumers from different markets on knowledge and taste. Eventually, we hope the BRAZIL iOOC will influence opinions and perceptions on producers, international and local traders, retailers, restaurant owners, chefs, and individual consumers.

Spume.co, a data consulting company, that uses human and data sciences with artificial intelligence to analyze information and obtain accurate value, will audit the results from BRAZIL iOOC 2021 international olive oil competition.

We firmly believe that the creation and organization of this event, to take place in August 2021, intended to become part of the annual business agenda of the city of São Paulo, will bring a positive contribution to the market.

The results of the competition will be widely known and spread in the market by producers, importers, distributors, chefs, nutrition professionals, and specialized international media.

Winner brands soon will be well exposed worldwide, as there is a growing interest in knowing what are the best olive oils in the world and who are the main successful producers.

CEO & Founder BRAZIL iOOC®